3D Movies And The Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift

To begin with, categorize the kind of user experience you want to provide and plan it thoroughly. Consider the environmental conditions where you want to stage your augmented reality campaign. The kind of interaction your users will have with the application is also essential. Augmented reality apps can be broadly categorized as Public, Private, Intimate and Personal. Microsoft Kinect or Nintendo Wii are examples of Public augmented reality apps; Layar and Junaio, where users can move freely while interacting with their environment are considered as Personal, and Google Glass and Oculus Rift are the newest category of Private augmented reality. These applications provide both personal and intimate experience with sensory and visual aids.

There are so many games that are based on virtual reality concept to fulfill this need one of the most interesting gadget is developed which is called Oculus rift. The design of Oculus rift is just like a headset that change the way of gaming forever. The Oculus rift has a high resolution display, head tracking and wide field of view that enables you to play your game in more deeply way so that you are able to explore new techniques and new things.


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