Advantages of Phone and Broadband Plan Bundles

We now live in an era of “product bundles” and “service packages”. We find it fascinating that manufacturers and sellers offer their buffing or polishing equipment with free or substantially discounted wax sold in gallons. We enjoy the dessert or bottle of champagne that comes with the most expensive meal at a posh diner. Perhaps the most common example is the fast-food combos offering everything we are most likely to want in one meal at a slightly discounted price.

Home phone and internet bundles take on the same principle. Essentially it is a package where the landline telephone and broadband internet are provided together by a single service provider.

You may wonder if it is better to have both at once or have them separately installed in your home. You may want to consider some benefits of acquiring a phone and broadband bundle to help you make the decision.

A bundle package gives you the impression of instant savings. Many, if not all, Internet Service Providers offer a much lower price for the deal. In fact, the cost can be up to 50% lower than having both services separately. ISPs also present such bundles with extra discounts, particularly for introductory pricing purposes. Make sure you get the most out of those time-limited deals.

Many households also find it much easier to track the bills with a home phone and internet bundle. You will see that both services are being accounted for monthly, making the management of bills easier and faster than having to sort them out individually and possibly miss paying either or both – which can lead to unwanted interruptions.

Have you experienced having issues with your home phone and having to call them? Can you imagine the inconvenience if your internet connection suddenly doesn’t work too? You will be dealing with both vendors and calling them separately. With a bundled home phone and internet package, you can conveniently get technical assistance and explain your problems to one point person.

When you decide to hop to a new location permanently or otherwise and need the service with you, having to speak with a few people for relocation arrangements is a relief. You do not want to be bothered with so many terms and conditions for the transfer of your home phone or internet. You can do the same when you decide to upgrade your home phone or internet service. You don’t need to be making arrangements with more than just one vendor, making it all trouble-free for you.

While these benefits all sound enticing to you, you still need to be able to determine the best deal for you. Remember that there are many ISPs offering you the best of both worlds, that is, home phone and internet connection. Make sure you do make appropriate comparisons in terms of speed, monthly costs and charges and length of contract.

If you love surfing the web to communicate, learn things, do your work or be entertained, a home phone and broadband deal is a great option for you. For many who enjoy the convenience, it is a money-saving deal and a real time-saver.

Dave Carter is an independent consultant for small businesses. His expertise in consumer electronics is backed up by 12 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. A techie at heart, he’s up to speed with the latest releases and innovations in consumer technology, sharing his insights in language ordinary users can understand.
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