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The last part of the Wii U is what holds it together. Most of what the Wii U uses to hold all its parts together is a tri wing screw and threads in the plastic of all the different parts. Nintendo uses tri wings for almost all of their products and this system is no exception. Without the screws you the console would fall apart rendering it useless.

Wii U

Wii U

Bowser has long been the supreme baddie of the Mario game lineup, and that hasn’t changed one bit in New Super Mario Bros. Wii U. When it comes down to rescuing Princess Peach, Bowser’s the final roadblock in Mario’s way – and this time he has some help from his number one kid, Bowser Jr. How do you bring this bad boy down?

The Wii Message Board is partially supported on Wii U via Wii Mode. Players can still receive internal messages from various Wii games that support this feature. Since the Wii U neither supports WiiConnect24, nor has its own Wii Friend Code, it cannot receive messages from or send messages to other sources or players. Consequently, the Wii U’s Wii Message Board lacks an Address Book. Additionally, the WiiConnect24 service is to be no longer available as of June 28, 2013, completely ceasing data exchange functionality of the Wii Message Board for all Wii consoles themselves, whether as messages or game data.

The second biggest part of this system is the game pad. This is essentially the controller for the Wii-U. It has analog sticks, controlling buttons and most importantly it has a touch screen on it. The touch screen is used in a lot of the games and is a big part of interacting with what’s happening on the TV. This game pad is the most high-tech controller on the market at this point and is a cool feature of the Wii U.

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