Attractive Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, another Android Smartphone from the leading handset manufacturer has become the much awaited phone after the launch of HTC One. HTC has presented a marvel that has made people crazy. Announcement of Samsung coming up with a better phone has fuelled the competition. Galaxy Note 3 is expected to arrive soon but would it be able to satisfy the demands of high end phone users is a matter of time.


Samsung Galaxy Note III

There are rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and whatever information is available on this phone is mere speculation. Even the Samsung Mobile is tight lipped, when questioned about the release date of this Smartphone. Is it just a Smartphone that people are waiting for? No not at all. It has to be more than a Smartphone, if it has to fulfill users demand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to get 6.3 inch display screen and what is more amazing is, it would come with a 13 megapixel rear camera obviously for taking pictures and making videos. Six inches is a perfect display for such a huge camera. The outer case covering the display and the camera is made from plastic instead of metal as expected. HTC One, its nearest rival, has a metal casing but since Samsung boasts the largest sale of Android based phones, Galaxy Note 3 could give a tough competition to rival phones.

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