Camera Apps For Android Phones

A lot of people has been looking for an application for their phones which would automatically give them immediate option to edit the photo right after it has been captured. Here’s some camera apps that could be great for you.

Android Camera in action

Android Camera in action

Camera360 Ultimate – this app has been downloaded and used by a lot of android/smart phone user’s ever since, aside from its features itself. User’s find it easy to use by just a slide and a click according to the effects they like to apply on their photos.

Cymera – Camera & Photo Editor – like other another apps this app is capable to take picture and edit the way it should. One of the feature I like on this app is the Powerful Camera, it has 7 camera lenses inspired on the famous DSLR cameras and Out of Focus, Anti-Shake, Timer, Self-Portrait, Touch Shots and other shooting modes to help you get the best out of your capturing experience.

Imagine your phone to be that powerful when it comes to capturing images.

Fixie GIF Camera – this apps works like the other aside from its special feature, one can Create animated GIFs that you can share to anywhere from your camera.

It’s fun to capture and share special moments with your family and friends anywhere! All apps are available on Google PlayStore. Download Now!

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