Gas Saver: Fuel Economizer Gadget

These fuel economizer gadgets have been floating around for years. They promise the moon – Better gas mileage! Lower emissions! Stop global warming! Ok, maybe not the global warming part, but some of these claims are a little too much to believe. As you can see, I’m in an overly polite mood. Since gas prices are skyrocketing and look like they’ll remain in the stratosphere for a while, let’s take a look at some of the sites offering these gadgets and see what they’re all about.

Now about the car. It is the only factory built natural gas vehicle available    to the general public, and it is one of the cleanest running vehicles you can    buy (it is actually as clean as the Toyota Prius or Honda Insite!). Furthermore,    it comes with a home refueling station. A 2010 Honda GX costs $25,340.    Buyers are eligible for a $4,000 federal tax credit and some states offer    additional tax credits.

Fuel Saver Idea: Fill your tank at the coolest times of the day. Weird, right? Doesn’t quite make sense, does it? Well, consider this: when the temperature is cooler, gasoline is denser. What this means to you is that you actually get more usable gas when the temperatures are coolest as opposed to the warmest time of day. Not all gallons are created equal!

They could tell you more, but hey, they’re busy people. When a company doesn’t know how the heck their gas saver works’Houston, we have a problem. The FuelMaster isn’t cheap – the starter kit will cost you $50, but you also get handy little fuel treatments (which may explain the results their lab found.) Of course, you could save money if you joined their reseller team, which bears more than a passing resemblance to an MLM scheme.

Then there were the ignition items you could add to your electrical system. The idea here was to give you a higher intensity spark and thereby realize a better burn for your fuel and this would create more horsepower, or better efficiency, and your engine would require less fuel. This one wasn’t far off the mark but auto makers were already converting to electronic ignitions for increased efficiency and besides, these add on devices rarely delivered much more than the factory ignition systems already installed.

My favorite story from all those years ago was where the oil companies were accused of purchasing a new type of carburetor from an independent but unnamed inventor that would allow a car to get well over one hundred miles per gallon of fuel. And this story was widely believed because many people were convinced that the oil companies were voracious greedy corporations and of course they would not want such a device to get loose on the market and spoil their bottom line.

Did you know that the HHO known as Browns Gas was discovered by Willam A Rhodes in 1961 and patent in 1962.  This means that it has been around for 50 decade.  So why the big secret? If hydrogen for cars reduces your fuel cost with hundreds of dollars every month, increase the engine’s horsepower and torque, make your car’s engine live longer with less costs why not let everyone in on the good news.  Simply put we have Big oil companies  that don’t want you to know that Hydrogen fuel is cheaper, safer and more powerful than any other existing fuel today.


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