How does a wireless router work?

Wireless networks work much in the same way as cordless phones, using radio waves to connect a remote to a base device. When the connection is in place, the radio signal takes the place of a network cable, sending data packets to a variety of destinations.

Need help using your Linksys router as a receiver but don’t know how? If yes, then the article is for you. A receiver can help you boost the connectivity and range of your wireless router for online gaming or wireless networking etc. The below mentioned guide will help you perform the desired task on your own. This will essentially save you from looking for Linksys technical support.

In many countries both actions are illegal and often can be fined. The Judge reasoned that the student didn’t gain access to the computer connected to the router, but only used the routers internet connection. Under Dutch law breaking in to a computer is forbidden. Hacking on an open WiFi connection is illegal in most countries. In some states in the US unauthorized access of a network is an criminal offense, in other states piggybacking can be fined. WiFi thieves in the UK can be fined or arrested.

There are many wireless N dual band routers available in the market today you can install to power your high performance wireless environment for gaming and streaming HD video such as Netgear WNDR4000 N750 router and Asus RT-N56U Black Diamond. Both are high performance routers which support simultaneous dual band to let you connect all types of wireless clients that operate in mix bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz). If you require a high performance router, which one is best to meet your need?

Make sure that you type the website URL completely and accurately. Otherwise, the router won’t block it. For example, you want to block the Facebook website, type  in the Add Keyword box and then click on the Apply button. You can also type a keyword like Facebook and the router will block all the results that contain that particular word ‘Facebook’

Instead, Apple utilizes the services of a company called Skyhook Wireless. What Skyhook does is maintain a worldwide database of wi-fi hotspots containing their GPS coordinates and MAC addresses. Once you connect to a wi-fi network, your iPod can then submit the MAC address of the network’s router to Skyhook’s servers, and if that hotspot is registered with them, it will return the latitude and longitude of your location to your iPod touch. (You can also enable wi-fi location awareness on your laptop or desktop, by installing a plug-in here.)

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