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Wish Book: Group provides computers, Internet access for Latino families
They were asking if it was true that they were giving away computers,” Robles said. “The challenging part was getting people to believe it would happen. But first one person got a computer, and as other people saw it they believed it, and the word …
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Hart-less: Thief swipes computers from West Philly rec center
Kevin Hart (right) accompanied by Mayor Michael Nutter (left) visits a computer class at Stearne Elementary School. Hart, actor and comedian born and raised in Philadelphia, donated 500 computers, 300 to city public schools and 200 to the city Friday,¬†…


Bringing brains to computers
This year, researchers tempted by that dream made great progress on achieving what has been called the holy grail of computing. Today, a wide variety of efforts are aimed at creating intelligent computers that can progressively learn and make smarter¬†…
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