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samsung_galaxy_s5_vs_apple_iPhone_5SPhotos compare purported ‘iPhone 6’ mockup against dummy Samsung Galaxy S5
Yet another series of photos claiming to show a mockup of Apple’s next-generation “iPhone 6” hit the Web on Friday, this time pitting the unconfirmed handset against a non-functioning Samsung Galaxy S5 display model. In what Italian Apple blog …
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New Evidence of Galaxy S5 Mini Emerges
Samsung released a mini version of its Galaxy S III and S4 smartphones, so it only makes sense that the company would also launch a scaled-down version of the S5 too, right? Rumors about a Galaxy S5 Mini have been making the rounds for a while.
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Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Seen Selling Faster Than The S4
Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone may be suffering from camera glitches, but new, third-party numbers suggest the Galaxy S5 has actually been selling faster in its first week-and-a-half than its predecessor, the S4. The numbers suggest that Samsung …
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