Playstation 4 To Beat Xbox 720 To Market?

“This time, Sony came to our office and said ‘this is what we are doing how do you see? What you would do if you had no technical limitations? ‘”. These words of Tim Schafer, creator of Maniac Mansion, party involved in the jokes of The Secret of Monkey Island and creator of Brutal Legends, Trenched and the new adventure game in the old way is “sold” by Kickstarter, detailing the philosophy SONY was raised a couple of years ago with Playstation 4: take into account the views of developers as his studio Double Fine to shape the foundations of the new console.

After the longest console generation in the history of gaming, the inevitable finally happened: The PS3 is retiring and the PS4 is coming to take its place. But what is the PlayStation 4, exactly? What type of hardware is it using, what makes it special? How does the PS4 utilize the internet? How much will the console cost when it is put on the market?

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony’s Playstation 4 has been on high because of their technical specs on paper. Reminding me and many others of the initial reactions the Playstation 3 vs the Xbox 360 specs comparisons happened in the beginning of this current generation. Let’s start with how the leaks, and developer input has had an effect on how the new platforms were built; specifically the Playstation 4.

Playstation 4 is Sony’s big bet for the new generation, a machine that wants to “break down the barriers between the player and the game,” for services like preparing video capture in real time, permanent social connectivity with the community and moved by an interaction closer to the PC hardware as ever. But among all these features announced on the Playstation Meeting and decorated by the Dual Shock 4 have been straining the game development studios, companies will have the final say in defining whether this is really the machine you want work in the new generation.

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