Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini ‘SM-G800F’ variant listed on company’s support pages

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini ‘SM-G800F’ variant listed on company’s support pages
We’ve been hearing a lot about the expected Samsung Galaxy S5 variants, and since the original’s launch, Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5 Crystal Edition, and the Galaxy K zoom. The industry is still holding its breath for the expected premium¬†…
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Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5 Problems Arise: Apple and Samsung
Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd have been bitter rivals for the longest time. Starting from the patent conflict, the two companies have been competing in the smartphone and tablet sectors. This time, instead of going against each other, the …
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Galaxy S5’s Health App Review
In a step toward wellness, Samsung’s latest phone, the Galaxy S5, comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and an installed personal wellness app called S Health to help users keep track of their health and fitness measures. The S Health app has a …

Galaxy S5, iPhone 5s Deal Cuts Prices Amidst iPhone 6 Rumors
With Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 rumors swirling, Verizon has put smartphone shoppers in a tough spot. In honor of Mother’s Day, the carrier is offering an iPhone 5s deal, a Samsung Galaxy S5 deal and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3¬†…
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