Symptoms And Solutions Of Basic iPad Problems

Technology is a great thing but almost always, something goes wrong and there’s nothing more stressful than having to go to a service center or worse, calling tech support and being on hold for hours.

If you’re an iPad user and you rely heavily on this great Apple machine then you’re in luck! I’ve listed down common iPad problems and their solutions that might even save you a trip to the Apple store.

Problem: iPad Not Charging

Like clockwork, your iPad’s battery is what makes everything tick. Without it, your iPad will be rendered useless. It’s important to make sure that your iPad’s battery has significant charge on it for it to work. If your iPad is not charging, make sure you are using the cable that came with the iPad, if this still does not work, try and switch cables. Alternatively, switch outlets as well. A common cause for iPads not charging could usually be the power source or the cable in between so make sure these are both fully functional before panicking.

Additional Tip: If this still doesn’t work, try a hard reset or restoring data from iTunes, a little reboot is usually what your iPad needs from time to time.

Problem: iPad Will Not Turn On

If your iPad will not turn on, iPad expert: Daniel Nations says,

  • “Hold both the home button and the wake/suspend button down at the same time. After these buttons have been held down a few seconds, you should see the Apple logo appear on your screen.  This means your iPad is booting up and should be good to go in a few more seconds.
  • If the iPad does not boot up after a few seconds, the battery may be completely drained. The iPad comes with a cable and an adapter that allow you to plug it into a wall outlet. Use this to charge the iPad rather than plugging it into your computer. Sometimes, a computer doesn’t output enough power to properly charge an iPad.  After letting it charge for at least thirty minutes, try repeating step one.”

Problem: My iPad Is Frozen

A common problem with a usually simple solution! Almost always, an iPad freezes because of an app that has stopped functioning. A faulty app could mean bugs in its programming and a faulty app could lead to a frozen iPad.

Do a quick delete and reinstall of the app, if it still hasn’t fixed the problem then delete the app entirely.

Problem: Slow iPad Problems

If your iPad is running really slow then that could mean that you have too many apps running in the background. Make sure to close apps so that your iPad will work at optimal speed.

Next, check your Wi-Fi connection, maybe it’s your internet speed that is causing the slow down.

Also, make sure that you are running the latest operating system or the current version of the iOS

Lastly, make sure to clear storage space. Delete apps you don’t use and clear cache, cookies and browsing history as well.

Problem: iPad Won’t Show On ITunes

Connecting your iPad to your iTunes is essential because this helps make sure that your iPad has all the latest updates and security settings. If your iTunes does not recognize your iPad, worry not! Do a quick check on the cable and make sure that the iPad is charged. A drained iPad will definitely not register in your iTunes. If this still fails, do a quick iPad reboot and delete and reinstall iTunes. Once again, Daniel Nations from About Tech tell us

“If iTunes is still not recognizing the iPad, it is time to try a clean copy of iTunes. To do this, we’ll first need to uninstall iTunes from your computer. (Don’t worry, uninstalling iTunes won’t delete all of the music and apps on your computer.)

You can uninstall iTunes on a Windows-based computer by going to the Start menu and choosing Control Panel. Look for an icon labeled “Programs and Features.” Within this menu, simply scroll down until you see iTunes, right click on it with your mouse and choose uninstall.

Once you have removed iTunes from your computer, you should download the latest version at After you have reinstalled iTunes, you should be able to connect your iPad just fine.”

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