Titanium Backup For Smartphones – A Life Saver

At first, I didn’t expect this was a big help when I had to change my android ROM, or just by having my phone restore to its factory settings. With its free app available on Android Market. I’ve manage to use all its functionalists like, backing up my apps and data before I change my ROM.

Titanium Backup – Lets you backup and restore not only every application that you have (along with its data), but also system data. You can backup call logs, SMS/MMS messages, the address book, and so on. You can also backup your saved games. This is very useful when you’re tinkering with your phone, when you apply a firmware upgrade, or when you’re upgrading to a new Android phone. Backing up and restoring takes just 3 button taps, and you can also schedule backups.

This can be called as a life saver app, why? Well, it practically keeps a shadow copy of your apps, app data and system data on your SD card which can be recovered in case of a major fault. These who have a root smartphone can use this app to restore their Android smartphone to the state when it was working fine. This can happen for example when you are installing a custom ROM. Therefore because most of us know the pain when a crash like on a Windows computer occurs and how it can happen without any warning or without any known reason, it is better to safeguard your Android phone from such happenings. Download Titanium backup free from the Android market.

  • Titanium Backup is the ultimate backup tool that can backup and restore all applications, data, market links, which not only gives a different life for your Android phone.
  • Titanium Backup is available in both paid and free version. Paid version gives you faster experience and most reliable restore options.
  • It costs about $ 5.99, which is really a cheaper option for mobile backup. You can find the official page for more information.
  • One of the best Android apps you should download.
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