Top Rumors Regarding The iPhone 6 Or iPhone 5S

Among the many proposed iPhone 6 features is the fact that Apple’s shiny brand-new star will have less Samsung components. This, at least, seems to make a reasonable measure of sense and would most likely be a smart step from the Apple group. Nonetheless, we do ask ourselves whether sourcing parts from a different company would make the phone more expensive. Discovering replacement parts when your new iPhone might require repairs can become a fairly costly undertaking.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 6 may have a brand new graphene touchscreen because of its users meaning no heavy metals within the compound’s makeup. Apple will be getting rid of the indium tin oxide foundation, as an alternative the touchscreen will be made up of an atom-dense polymer. This can actually be thinner compared to past iPhones aswell. And this benefits the customers because it is likely to be a lot more attentive to drawing and tracing, changes in contact and go game-play with an increase of accuracy.

Called it iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6, or whatever the name is, the next generation iPhone will surely to come this year, possibly as early as late June or as late as in early October. Innovations? Don’t expect too much if it is iPhone 5S, aside from the similar size and shape, you may potentially see a slightly upgraded processor, some software incentives. According to speculations, there might also be a budget iPhone with various colors and plastic bodies to take on Samsung, HTC, Sony and Google. If this were the case, there must be a huge spec shrink, compared to the decent iPhone models. Of course, if it is iPhone 6, Apple will dub is again with commercials like the greatest iPhone since iPhone, All new design, etc., and together with the debut of iOS 7, iPhone 6 will come up with an A7 processor, third generation Corning Glass (or maybe Sapphire glass?), even a 5.0 screen? Only time can tell.

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