Windows Phone – A Number Of New Smartphones Recently

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS includes such features as Pocket Office (MS Office documents compatible), Bing Maps plus Twitter and Facebook integration for the satisfaction of social networking fans.
In order to showcase the recent Windows Phone 7 operating system produced by Microsoft, HTC has launched a number of new smartphone models. Every one of them is impressive, as is HTC HD7 which includes several impressive features to enchant people in terms of entertainment, productivity and connectivity.

Mango update necessary for competition: – An update to Windows Phone 7 became quite clear when Microsoft realized that Windows Phone 7 lacked a number of features that users have now come to expect from their smartphones.

Mango is version 7.5 of Windows Phone 7 and brings an array of much-needed improvements and a host of new features. If we were to make a rough estimate, about 500 new changes have been made, some quite obvious and some subtle.

Notifications are one of your smartphone’s best features, but Liquid Daffodil’s Unification takes these handy messages to the next level. The app’s Notification Center collects messages from multiple Windows based platforms, including Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 (tablet, notebook, and PC). The app encrypts your messages to keep them safe and lets you remove old notifications either one at- a-time or by selecting multiple notifications and removing them with the tap of a button. Unification can tap into a growing list of other apps, so keep checking for updates.

Let’s start with the Lumia which has a 8.7MP PureView sensor that besides a higher pixel count has a name brand (Carl Zeiss) optics. With the Nokia 808 PureView 41MP camera offering the greatest camera on smartphone by far, many people were hoping to see at least some of this bang at least on the Nokia Lumia 92The CMOS sensor in the Lumia Windows Phone 8 flagship has shift stabilization, back-illumination, two-stage shutter and allows manual iso selection and white balance which is all nice bells and whistles, but compared to the 808 is feels mediocre. It does a pretty decent job and its performance is good even in low light. Its dedicated physical button make the camera easy to use and it provides better quality than many other competing devices.

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