Xbox One Review: Totally Perfect!

XBox One won’t require a broadband connection, except when it does. It will need to “check in” to the internet daily. No word on what will happen if it doesn’t check in. This is probably so Microsoft can check your credit card/bank balance to determine whether or not you can play a video game or not. It could also be so those 300,000 servers can form a neural network in your living room. Just beware if you try to turn off your XBox and it refuses.

Xbox One Console

Xbox One Console

The relevance of the Xbox One as A digital entertainment center is impossible to ignore. While the ecosystem of Sony and the PS4 are logically very interesting, Xbox represents a point of interest for the current users of the PS Vita and the PSIts PVR functions are one-of-a-kind. Within the many features that distinguish this console, it is worth mentioning the fact that it allows a “second screen “. You can enjoy the Xbox and the PS4 One at the same time. This is amazing in every sense, especially when playing multimedia contents.

This complaint from fans and gamers can be explained simply, the Kinect is included. They would really have benefited from making a Kinect bundle and a non-Kinect bundle. Then they could have dropped the price of it down to the same $400 mark as the PS4 while still offering the $500 Kinect bundle as an option, but the Kinect is required to run many of the basic functions. The Kinect requirement begs the question if my wife and I each buy an Xbox One (because we hate split screening) then what on Earth are we going to do with 2 Kinects and will there ever be a way to trade or resell unused Kinect devices?

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