Xbox One Vs Playstation 4 Who Will Win?

Another important point was scored by PS4 when they announced the prices for the consoles. Originally valued the same, Sony decided to remove the PS4 Eye from the new PlayStation Standard package, and sell it separately. That reduced the console’s costs and it is now cheaper by 100 euros than the Xbox One.

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One

At the moment, the usefulness of the Xbox one for gamers is a tough call. Of course if you have plenty of cash and are not worried at all about a very restricted used games market, then it will no doubt be a great console. If you are at all concerned about how much all of this will cost, then it might be worth thinking about a PS I’ve been an Xbox gamer since they came out and I’m waiting to see how Microsoft get around the used game licensing issues.

At least for the first few years, this is going to mean that if you want to get an Xbox One, you’re probably going to want to keep your Xbox 360 as well if you want to play your old games with your friends online.
Who can’t wait for that new console smell?! I know I can’t wait! My fiancee and I both agree to get the PS4 first, one because it is cheaper, $399 where the Xbox One is rumored to be at $49Here is a list of facts about both consoles that you may or may not know. I don’t take credit for this information. I give the credit to the websites I find the info out.

Microsoft intends to scale up the Xbox Live service to use 300,000 servers for Xbox One users compared to 15,000 that handled the Xbox 360 users. The gamers will be able to use cloud storage to save content.

All of the new Xbox One consoles come with a Kinect.

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